10 Points to Consider When Leasing

10 Points to Consider when Leasing vs. Buying

1. Initial Cost of Property

2. Pre and after tax occupancy cost

3. Retirement/exit strategy

4. Cost of Capital

5. Expansion projections

6. Location/relocation possibilities

7. Capital expenditure costs/ deferred maintenance Thorogh underwriting

8. Capital Returns

9. Location of Customers

10. Enterprise zones/incentives

Art of Servant Leadership

The Art of Servant Leadership – Tony Baron Phd

At McKinney Advisory Group we have one book which is required reading. The practice of Servant Leadership is a pillar of our business model. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I have had the pleasure of meeting Art Barter of Datron and Tony Baron of The Servant Leadership Institute and their example is continuous encouragement for companies and individuals looking to practice the art of giving back.

Follow Up to CCIM’s Maritime on the Midway

A Maritime Vision for San Diego
Follow up to CCIM’s “Maritime on the Midway”

San Diego is a maritime city – it is a desert city that is made unique by its presence on one of the most beautiful bays and coastlines in the world. It is a world-class port city with a Maritime Industry that represents one of the most unique regional economies in the world.

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