Supporting Noah Homes

I have only been on the Board of Directors of Noah Homes since January 2015, and in this short time I have witnessed community support that is extraordinary. The idea of “Noah Homes” began in 1978, was formalized in 1980, and incorporated in 1982.  In May of 1982, the 3.2 acre property with a three bedroom home was purchased with an option to buy the adjoining 4.8 acres of land and homes.

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Servant Leadership Is Sometimes Painful

Last week to my dismay one of our team members gave me their resignation. It is a good thing.

We have all witnessed her growth in confidence and abilities in the past year. We have relied on her willingness to accept additional roles and responsibilities. We have basked under the glow of her warmth and ever present charm. Every one of us will miss her deeply but we should also be proud that in some way we have encouraged her to become a true servant leader.

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Supporting Noah Homes at the Annual Summer BBQ & Brewfest

SAN DIEGO, CA | JULY 1st, 2015 McKinney Advisory Group visited Spring Valley on June 27th for Noah Homes Summer BBQ & Brewfest. Friends and families enjoyed BBQ, beers from local breweries, and like-minded individuals who joined together to support Noah Homes, a non-profit organization in San Diego. This evening was a celebration of the organization’s progress this past year. Noah Homes was able to raise nearly $200,000 towards its $6.7 million capital campaign to build housing for dementia stricken residents.

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