How Is the New Flexible Workplace Revolutionizing Parking Needs?

With the steady influx of millennials in the workforce, companies must adapt in order to appeal to the evolving employee culture by creating flexible workspaces that increase collaboration and socialization. For commercial real estate advisors, this workplace evolution has created a new challenge: a lack of parking accommodation to the flexible workplace. Continue reading “How Is the New Flexible Workplace Revolutionizing Parking Needs?”


Being an Introvert in an Extrovert’s Industry- Commercial Real Estate

When you think of the “typical” personality traits of someone that works as an advisor in commercial real estate, “introvert” does not come to mind for most people. To test that theory, I recently asked some friends and family to come up with their idea of the “typical” personality traits of real estate brokers and they came up with this: extroverted, outgoing, good networkers, and confident, among many other things.

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Tenant Representation – The Debate Continues

Tenant Representation – the debate continues…

Study reignites debate about conflicts of interests in the commercial brokerage industry
This is a topic that has been highly debated and discussed in the industry for many years, and continues to be a point of discussion with clients and brokers alike across the globe. As a tenant representative in a firm who works only for tenants/buyers, I’m sure you can guess where my opinion falls. I believe it is a benefit to tenants/buyers to work with a firm who is looking out only for their interests in a transaction and not have to ever question whether I’m handling dual and opposing relationships in the way that I should be. As a tenant advocate, I feel it is my duty to ensure my clients never have to question which side of the table I’m sitting on when I bring suggestions to the table and I feel that is much easier to accomplish when I’m not also working for property owners. I don’t think it is impossible and there are great brokers out there in full service firms that manage it, but at what cost?

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Servant Leadership Winter Conference

I am so proud to be a part of a servant led organization. Due to the importance of this model of leadership within our company, I had the privilege of attending the 2014 Winter Servant Leadership conference this week with a number of my associates and it was an amazing experience. I have been fortunate enough to attend for two consecutive years and the experience is worth every moment spent away from my core business. Spending time in a room of 300 people who believe in more than working to make a paycheck in an inspirational experience!

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The Molina Foundation

McKinney Advisory is proud to support the Molina Foundation.  Each year we make a contribution in support of this amazing organization and 2013 was no different!  The Molina Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving lives through literacy and education.  Last year alone, the Molina Foundation directly distributed, produced or staffed large scale distributions of more than 800,000 books, valued at more than $6 million!  We at McKinney feel honored to play even a small part in helping the foundation to reach children across the country and helping them find a home for the sorting, storage and distribution of these books!