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Is Your Broker Exclusive? 3 Things You Need to Know About Tenant Representation

Commercial real estate is about building relationships. The conventional brokerage model focuses on building these relationships by representing both sides of a transaction, assisting both tenants/buyers and landlords/sellers. The tenant representation model uniquely focuses on building relationships with tenants to eliminate conflicts of interest. As a decision-maker for a company, you may want to consider, “Will my broker protect my interests, even if it puts their relationship with the landlord at risk?” The tenant representation model protects companies’ interests more than the conventional model – here’s why. Continue reading “Is Your Broker Exclusive? 3 Things You Need to Know About Tenant Representation”

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Maritime Update Progress and Upcoming Events

Contributed by: Michael Jones, Maritime Alliance President

Policy Update:
On July 21, 2014 The Maritime Alliance submitted a document requesting changes under the 2017 NAICS revision process.  To put this in perspective, the San Diego Report showing $14 billion in direct revenue (before indirect and induced job consideration) did not include tourism.  Based on current NAICS codes, the NOAA National Ocean Watch portal calculates that “All Ocean Sectors” in San Diego County in 2011 were $5.6 billion, which included $3.8 billion of tourism and recreation.  So that would be $1.8 billion (net of tourism) in ocean industries.  In the 2012 report, $1.4 billion was identified as “Traditional Maritime Exclusive Industries” which one could roughly compare with the NOAA number of $1.8 billion.  The other two big segments in the San Diego report are “Maritime Technology” of $6.2 billion and “Other Maritime” of $6.5 billion for companies that included some maritime, which are not captured as maritime related revenue by NAICS today.

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Mid-Year Economic and Financial Update

I attended the Mid-Year Economic and Financial Update seminar at the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate at the University of San Diego on July 24, 2014. This event was a real treat for us “economy geeks”. It was our pleasure to listen (and question/interact with) two economists pontificating on both the national and local economy, as well as the current economic outlook for the remainder of the year.

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