A Note from McKinney CEO & Servant Leader, Damian McKinney


Last week, McKinney Capital & Advisory was recognized by the San Diego Leadership Forum (“SDLF”) for our contributions in Servant Leadership throughout the communities we serve throughout the world.

This recognition was truly one of the greatest honors our company has received. The award acknowledges our mission and culture is essentially working. We have a passion supported with a purpose-driven ambition to measure our commitment to serve the communities in which we live and work. The SDLF attendees were all in attendance because they are also Servant Leaders there to listen, learn and celebrate with the distinguished list of speakers providing sage advice from Pastor Matthew Booker, Mayor Kevin Faulkner and the legendary author Ken Blanchard, who spoke on the topic of Servant Leadership.

Thank you SDLF for the award which in turn inspires everyone at McKinney Capital & Advisory to continue to help the community of San Diego in becoming a better version of itself through the mission of Servant Leadership.