Father Joe’s Garden

Father John's Garden

Our advisors stopped by Father Joe’s Garden again today, we dropped off another 10 bags of soil, totalling 22 bags in one week! Where is all this dirt going? To the Health and Wellness Program.

Completely operated by Cassie at the center and the residents who live there, this growing garden is supplying fun veggies, peppers, and herbs to the culinary program on campus. All residents are required to participate in a “chore” or responsibilty at the center, this is one of the more popular assignments.

We hauled all the dirt to the respective planters that need filling or refreshing and divided up the plants to work in their square foot system. Tomorrow the plants will be planted by alumni of the center who have a reunion and volunteer day. Alumni will gather to share success stories and have a chance at beautifying the garden. They will plant over 150 plants and help empty dirt throughout the gardening boxes.

Congrats to the alumni, residents, and staff who work hard for every success story!