McKinney Advisory Group and Savii Group – Valentine’s Open House

Valentine's Open House 6

McKinney Advisory Group and Savii Group – Valentine’s Open House

Thank you to all those that came through our offices on Monday, February 10th. Gina Anderson with Savii Group and McKinney Advisory Group hosted a fun Valentine’s party for San Diego. Our theme was match making for San Diego and it happened more naturally than we thought as our honored guests were all people who care about connecting others and giving back. We asked everyone their wish for San Diego and collected these wishes on a tree. We will follow up with our group by the end of the year and share some of those wishes to see if they came true.

I had the opportunity to “show off” our Why Wall and talk about the real reason behind our work in commercial real estate – giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We are all passionate about something – as is displayed by the growing wall of photos and thank you notes from charities all around the country.

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It was a pleasure to get to meet some faces that are too often just identified by their email addresses which was a reminder that we need to get out from behind our inboxes and meet people in person more often. I look forward to partnering with all those that came through our offices in the coming year on our Pitch & Partner, community initiatives, and other opportunities as they present themselves.

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Thank you to Dr. Tony Baron who graciously agreed to sign some books, “The Art of Servant Leadership” which we always have on hand. He met a few fans who have either received the book from one of our advisors or proudly own it in their libraries.


Thank you to my team for sneakily cleaning off your desks and being great hosts for the office. We could not have finished off those brownies or had such a great evening without the amazing team work which was evident in the success of the evening.

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