Military In Transition – Firefighter for a Day

McKinney Advisory Group is proud to help organize a year of trainings with the Oceanside Fire Department. Together, our vision is to provide local military in transition the networking opportunities they need to excel in life after deployment. As a Firefighter for the day, business executives are partnered with active duty service men and women and learn hands on what it is like to be a fire fighter.

These events will partner area business leaders with local military veterans to create bonds and personal connections that will enable the MIT to enter the workforce as stronger decision makers, more active leaders, and efficient problem solvers. This networking experience is also designed to help our Veterans with learning day-to-day business practices and growing their professional network to assist them with finding meaningful employment. The executives will also get a unique networking and recruitment opportunity as well as the opportunity to give back to the community through helping the MIT they partner with throughout their transition to civilian life. There is no better reason to get out of the office and to give back to our community!

Please contact Kelly Nicholls at for more information.