Military in Transition (“MIT”) Firefighter for a Day


On January 23, 2015, McKinney Advisory Group held the Q1 Military in Transition: Firefighter for a Day Training. McKinney Advisory Group is proud to help organize a year of trainings with the Oceanside Fire Department. Together, our vision is to provide local military in transition the networking opportunities they need to excel in life after deployment. As a “firefighter for a day”, business executives and firefighters are partnered with active duty service men and women and learn hands-on what it is like to be a firefighter.

Kelly Nicholls, advisor at McKinney Advisory Group and event coordinator/co-founding member of MIT Firefighter for a Day said, “I knew the harrowing employment statistics and challenges that our local military service men and women face after being discharged. However, witnessing the emotional reality first hand was more than I had expected.”

Kelly was not the only member that was inspired and impacted. Maria Gutierrez, Project Manager of MIT Firefighter for a Day recalled, “I was on a high the whole rest of the day because of the amazing energy, collaboration and just pure respect and admiration that the whole team had for everyone involved…MIT’s, Executives, Fire Fighters.”

These events partner area business leaders with local military veterans to create bonds and personal connections that will enable the MIT to enter the workforce as stronger decision makers, more active leaders, and efficient problem solvers. This networking experience is also designed to help our Veterans with learning day-to-day business practices and growing their professional network to assist them with finding meaningful employment. The executives will also get a unique networking and recruitment opportunity as well as the opportunity to give back to the community through helping the MIT they partner with throughout their transition to civilian life.

Major Frank Garner, USMC, stated, “The MIT was a fantastic opportunity to connect with Corporate Executives, First Responders and other community leadership. Not only was the training enlightening and fun, but we had the chance to network with people who are truly invested in making a difference for military members during their transition from service. They want to put you in touch with people that can put you to work, and that is what those in transition are looking for, and need. I was fortunate enough to meet a company CEO, with whom I am now exploring a career opportunity.”

The participating executives for this quarter’s training came from Hydranautics, Nikkiso, Sequoia Equity Partners, EverBank Lending, The Chip Merchant, Trillium, Capital Partners, and King & Associates Insurance Services.

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