Our Purpose: Corporate Social Responsibility & Servant Leadership

The “Why” Behind What We Do

McKinney Advisory believes that the more success we have professionally, the more responsibility we have to support our community. We give back to the community in a variety of ways, including walking for charitable causes, gardening at homeless shelters, and providing meals for homeless teens. In addition, many of our advisors are encouraged and supported as they serve as Board Members for non-profit organizations. This purpose-driven mentality motivates us in every transaction, and makes us stronger advocates for our clients.

McKinney Advisory commits to donating at least 10% of its annual profits to charities and nonprofit organizations.  Our model creates a collaboration between our clients, the community, local decision makers, and nonprofit organizations. This synergy generates business relationships and an understanding that better serves our clients’ long term success. By working with like-minded individuals, we find that the charitable giving of time, talent, and treasure are not mutually exclusive, but intertwined.

The values of Servant Leadership motivate the culture of McKinney Advisory Group. Integrity, character, and virtue guide us in helping all we meet become better versions of themselves from knowing our team. We understand that internally we work best when positive encouragement and support are central in our interactions. Servant Leadership is a system of values that impact both our internal culture and external results.

Our Why Wall

Our “Why Wall” is a display of letters from non-profit organizations and charities we proudly support. It’s a constant reminder of the “why” behind what we do.