CEO Bio: Damien McKinney

Damian McKinneyDamian McKinney is the Principal and CEO of McKinney Advisory Group. Mr. McKinney has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate. McKinney advises his clients on market conditions for acquisitions and dispositions and leads investment projects by raising capital and sourcing value-add opportunities. McKinney is truly a financial advisor who provides ongoing services to enhance his client’s bottom line on a national and international basis.

McKinney Advisory Group’s business model is centered on Servant Leadership. McKinney Advisory Group donates approximately 10% of its profits to local and national nonprofits annually. Our team contributes their time and talent to charitable causes. McKinney strongly believe in the “why” behind our dedication to serving our clients and our communities. In 2014, Damian was presented with the Inspiration Award from The Center for Wealth and Legacy in San Diego, as well as the N. Eldon Tanner Award by the BYU Management Society for 2014; also known as the “Mr. Integrity” Award.

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