Real Estate Incentives For Companies

Gain economic government benefits as you relocate to your next market.

The prospect of relocating to a new state or location may seem like a daunting undertaking for many companies. At McKinney Advisory, we make the move easier by advising clients on the feasibility and profitability of their different relocation options.

Many companies are unaware of the wide range of Economic Development Incentives (EDIs) offered by federal, state, and local entities, which are designed to attract new businesses and jobs in exchange for potentially significant economic benefit for the company. McKinney guides clients through each phase of this complex and often laborious process to ensure that no opportunity goes unnoticed. Our advisors make sure that the benefit of relocating not only fits, but also enhances the client’s long-term real estate strategy.

 Four-Step Incentives Program

1. Planning & Request for Proposal
2. Analysis & Initial Due Diligence
3. Finalist Evaluation & Selection
4. Incentives Negotiation & Documentation