Lease Administration & Auditing

Save valuable time, money, and energy through lease administration and auditing.

Real estate expenses typically fall within the top five costs for any organization, and oftentimes only fall second to personnel expenses. Many companies do not currently have their data centralized and tracked, and therefore cannot effectively monitor their real estate assets.  Our advisors expertly catalogue, organize, and manage real estate portfolios, whether leased or owned. It is critical for any organization to stay ahead of the curve and have all lease data accurately recorded and managed in order to successfully evaluate individual asset performance within a portfolio.

McKinney Advisory Group offers an extended array of lease portfolio administration services designed to save clients time, money, and energy, such as:

  • Lease Review
  • Lease Abstracting & Data Validation
  • Software System Set-Up & Data Analysis
  • Critical Dates, Rights & Obligations
  • Rent Escalation Review
  • Review Security Deposit Reconciliations
  • Lease File Organization & Maintenance

Lease Auditing

Lease Auditing, also known as Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Auditing or Operating Expense Auditing, involves a detailed review of reconciliation lease terms and landlord billing charges. Our goal is to recover improper overcharges and ensure that your interest is protected.

How do we evaluate what your landlord is charging you?

  • Operating expense and CAM reviews
  • Review of rent escalations
  • Assuring that capital expenditures are not billed as operating expenses
  • Comparison of contract service billings to market averages
  • Ensuring appropriate amortization of capital items
  • Analysis of management and administrative fees
  • Obtaining proof of landlord’s real estate tax and insurance costs billed to client
  • Square footage verifications
  • Analysis of base year and gross-up calculations
  • Tracking tenant improvement work and construction costs