Programming & Forecasting

Align your current real estate needs with long-term goals.

McKinney Advisory provides strategic planning assistance, from conceptual forecasting, to space planning and construction management. Our advisors will work with clients throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

McKinney Advisory Group reviews each asset in a client’s existing real estate portfolio and learns about what they wish to achieve. This portfolio review includes items such as:

  • Workspace Utilization
  • Occupancy Costs
  • CAM Audits
  • Technology
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Facilities Enhancement

After an initial consultation, we determine the specific real estate requirements of the company. We work alongside clients to determine and present options to fit their real estate needs and growth plans. We examine multiple scenarios for growth, relocation, acquiring assets, and potential capital requirements. By aligning short and long-term objectives, we have successfully helped our clients relocate, expand, and downsize, thereby adding to their bottom line.