CLIENT Genica Corporation
LOCATION Temecula, California
SERVICES Buyer Representation
Relocation Services
Site Selection & Market Research
Purchase vs. Lease Analysis
Market and Property Underwriting
Project Management
Government Relations Coordination
Purchase Price Savings
Value Add Savings
PROPERTY SIZE 160,561 SF Office and Warehouse


When Genica Corporation was looking to renew their lease or move they choose McKinney Advisory Group to represent them in this endeavor. A growing corporation keeping overhead low was crucial. McKinney Advisory Group scoured the market, understanding Genica’s needs, and created a solution that would not only lower costs but position the company in a stronger financial and strategic location. With their Real Estate adding to their bottom line, McKinney Advisory Group secured for Genica the financial flexibility to invest in what they do best, computer sales and customer support.



Genica needed a relocation plan from their Oceanside facility to a larger more state of the art building for their offices, service center, and distribution needs. Due to other costs of expansion such as new equipment, racking, and inventory, it was important to limit up-front facility costs.



With a multi-city search in place the McKinney team provided Genica with up front analysis of multiple locations, separate office/warehouse facilities, and lease versus purchase analysis. Doing what McKinney does best, all up front cost analysis was done for the client at no charge. When a potential site was identified in Temecula, CA, McKinney brought together the City of Temecula, seller, and construction experts to evaluate the potential site before escrow. Working on behalf of the client, McKinney secured an below market purchase price. Temecula, CA site offered a lower monthly cost for purchase than the previous location on a lease rate. The beautiful area boasts great quality-of-life benefits for the corporation and their families. The state of the art building is now an asset for the company for a third the cost of operations, creating extra cash flow for Genica and adding to their bottom line immediately.

The building required rehab construction to add additional loading docks and an environmental modernization with city implications became a part of the construction considerations. The McKinney team handled all project management details bringing in experts at no cost to the client to ensure the project would be completed on time. McKinney works in the fiduciary/best interest of their clients, ensuring needs are met, projects are completed, and businesses thrive.