CLIENT The Wall Climbing Gym
SERVICES Brokerage
Lease Negotiations
Minor Use Permit
PROPERTY SIZE 9,655 SF Flex Warehouse
FINANCIAL BREAKDOWN Total Savings over 10%


The Wall Climbing Gym (WCG) is a start-up company, owned by two recent Cal Poly San Luis Obispo grads who fell in love with rock climbing while at college. WCG’s owners, Randy and Matt, selected McKinney Advisory Group to assist them in their site selection for their flagship location.



WCG initially requested that McKinney Advisory Group assist in locating land on which to build a ground-up facility. Their ideal location was in a coastal area, traditionally the most expensive and most difficult to entitle. McKinney advisors reviewed available options and helped WCG re-envision their facility in a less costly and restrictive location. Following finding the ideal location, WCG also needed to acquire a permit for their business before closing on a lease. To accommodate this timing constraint McKinney needed to negotiate a longer? period with the landlord and Client.



Using its creativity and the resources of partners with the right leverage, McKinney coordinated a joint listing with JLL and prepared a detailed sale package. McKinney and JLL helped to give exposure to a wide national market. The McKinney team orchestrated the entire process through multiple offers, personal interviews, and facilitating a successful escrow. The buyer closed the transaction with the help of negotiations by McKinney with the neighbor to solve the fire safety access. Through customized solutions and personalized attention to detail the land was successfully sold.