CLIENT Fortune 500 Company
LOCATION Charleston, SC
SERVICES Brokerage
Lease Negotiations
Labor Analytic Research
Request for Proposals & Incentives
PROPERTY SIZE 40,419 SF Class “A” Office Space
HIGHLIGHT Finalized transaction and build-out in 40 days


Damian McKinney and a dedicated team have managed the real estate needs for its Client, now a Fortune 500 Company, for nearly 3 decades. Operating as an outsourced real estate department and strategic partner, McKinney Advisory Group has advised the company from its humble beginnings in a 5,000 square foot office to its current portfolio of owned and leased assets accounting for almost 3 million square feet.

Combining a deep knowledge of our clients’ core business with the real estate knowledge of our local partners, we maintain a consistent selection process offering significant cost and time savings to clients. Focusing on the real estate portfolio as a whole, we work closely with client’s executive team to manage their short and long term growth plans consistent with the company’s vision.



Our client was awarded a contract for new business in the state of South Carolina. The difficulty was the office space needed to be fully built out and ready for occupancy within 40 days of the date of contract award. To compound the issue, the market selected by client for their operation had very limited office buildings with the square footage available to meet client’s needs.



McKinney was able to locate a selection of potential options in the market with the square footage available in the Charleston market. Within 10 days of touring a lease document was negotiated and signed. McKinney insured both the landlord was committed to completion of the build-out of the space within 30 days and local government was engaged at all levels for a smooth and prompt permitting process. As a result of having a proactive landlord and McKinney involving local and state government officials, the build-out was completed within the timeline promised and our client was in occupancy of the space in sufficient time for their state review of the office.