fortune 500_oakbrook_illinois
CLIENT Fortune 500 Company
LOCATION Chicago, IL (Oak Brook Sub-Market)
SERVICES Brokerage
Lease Negotiations
Labor Analytic Research
Request for Proposals & Incentives
PROPERTY SIZE 38,000 SF Class “A” Office
FINANCIAL BREAKDOWN Leased at 21% Savings over 72 Months


Damian McKinney and a dedicated team have managed the real estate needs for its Client, now a Fortune 500 Company, for nearly 3 decades. Operating as an outsourced real estate department and strategic partner, McKinney Advisory Group has advised the company from its humble beginnings in a 5,000 square foot office to its current portfolio of owned and leased assets accounting for almost 3 million square feet.

Combining a deep knowledge of our clients’ core business with the real estate knowledge of our local partners, we maintain a consistent selection process offering significant cost and time savings to clients. Focusing on the real estate portfolio as a whole, we work closely with client’s executive team to manage their short and long term growth plans consistent with the company’s vision.



The Client won a contract for services in Illinois and tasked McKinney with quickly finding a convenient, centrally located space able to accommodate approximately 160 full time employees. A significant challenge was the deadline required for space for 50 employees within 60 days of the date McKinney Advisory Group was tasked with the assignment. The Client’s preferred building was in mostly shell condition, which made the timing of the space needs difficult.



After touring numerous locations, and receiving multiple proposals behalf of the client, McKinney was able to finalize negotiations for a Class A building which offered the client an open plan to accommodate their specific needs as well as the right to use temporary space. The site also has central access to multiple highways, building-top signage, and a below market rental rate that provided The Client with significant savings and very little capital outlay.

The Client moved into the built-out space within seven days of lease signing. The temporary space enabled Landlord to perform a complete build-out of the shell space while also allowing Tenant to be up and running within their tight deadlines.

The company executives were extremely impressed and appreciative with the quality, location, signage that was provided and the speed with which McKinney finalized addressed their needs and finalized this transaction. McKinney achieved a cost savings of 21% to Client over 72 months.