(American Civil Liberties Union)
SERVICES Brokerage & Advisory Services
Market Research
Site Location
Financial Analysis
Lease Negotiations
PROPERTY SIZE 9,279 SF Office/Retail Building
FINANCIAL BREAKDOWN 15% Savings over 64 Months


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a non-profit organization, engaged McKinney Advisory Group for their recent San Diego headquarters transaction.

Working with the ACLU parameters McKinney Advisory Group performed a market and property analysis near highly routed public transportation areas to find a new location to better serve the ACLU’s clients. ACLU was looking for office and retail buildings with open and contiguous floor space inline with the open area workplace trend. McKinney Advisory Group advisor, Charlie Copelan went to work and successfully completed the lease of a new space, enabling ACLU to remain well positioned in advocating for their clients.



ACLU was on a short timeframe and required a facility with a large open floor plan, near public transportation and with access to amenities for their employees. These requirements in San Diego posed a challenge for finding available options. Moving can be expensive and costly, McKinney needed to facilitate the transition for ACLU with the new facility keeping them under budget and below market costs.



McKinney performed extensive research of the local office and retail market within a close proximity to many public transportation routes and amenities. McKinney pre-toured all available buildings and conducting lease proposals for the clients’ top selected properties. Within five short months, McKinney secured a property that met ACLU’s financial, locational and business needs. As with all our clients McKinney took time to educate the client on the market and trends in the San Diego area which allowed ACLU to be more knowledgeable with all the opportunities presented and future logistic or facility needs.