Filled to Capacity – 2 months before the event!

Filled to Capacity, McKinney Advisory Group Charity Event Creates a Buzz About Giving

The 3rd Annual McKinney Charity Event, taking place in December 2014, has created a buzz in San Diego. The four beneficiary charities have been selected and a limited one-hundred guest tickets have been filled with decision makers of San Diego and Southern California.

The McKinney Charity Event stemmed from a couple of desires. First, McKinney Advisory Group wanted to gather and celebrate a good year while making a difference in the local community. The McKinney team also wanted to leverage their donations for the greatest exposure to each selected charity. Therefore, McKinney Advisory Group gathered San Diego decision makers and invited them to give McKinney’s money away. Each year the guests are invited to donate a $100 voucher from McKinney to one of four charities featured at the event.