Follow Up to CCIM’s Maritime on the Midway

A Maritime Vision for San Diego
Follow up to CCIM’s “Maritime on the Midway”

San Diego is a maritime city – it is a desert city that is made unique by its presence on one of the most beautiful bays and coastlines in the world. It is a world-class port city with a Maritime Industry that represents one of the most unique regional economies in the world.

• More than 1,400 companies
• Producing over $14 billion of direct sales
• A workforce of almost 46,000 spread across an array of traditional and technology-oriented sectors.

And San Diego benefits by its location as the pivot point to the
Pacific – the largest, deepest ocean in the world – which ties it emotionally, intellectually and physically to the growing markets of Asia and Latin

The oceans are the future of the world – covering 66 percent of the world’s surface – sustainable usage of the ocean will be increasingly critical to produce;

• Food
• Water
• Energy
• Medicine
• coastal “real estate”

needed for the growing world population, over 80 percent of which lives near the oceans.

The Pacific represents not a border but a frontier with enormous growth opportunity for San Diego. The fast-growing maritime technology cluster has benefited from the traditional industry’s presence, and the two need to collaborate to “be all they can be”. This is a massive opportunity that will require the development of a vision, education, enlightened regional leadership, and a community effort to achieve the possible.

More to come……