Maritime Update Progress and Upcoming Events

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Contributed by: Michael Jones, Maritime Alliance President

Policy Update:
On July 21, 2014 The Maritime Alliance submitted a document requesting changes under the 2017 NAICS revision process.  To put this in perspective, the San Diego Report showing $14 billion in direct revenue (before indirect and induced job consideration) did not include tourism.  Based on current NAICS codes, the NOAA National Ocean Watch portal calculates that “All Ocean Sectors” in San Diego County in 2011 were $5.6 billion, which included $3.8 billion of tourism and recreation.  So that would be $1.8 billion (net of tourism) in ocean industries.  In the 2012 report, $1.4 billion was identified as “Traditional Maritime Exclusive Industries” which one could roughly compare with the NOAA number of $1.8 billion.  The other two big segments in the San Diego report are “Maritime Technology” of $6.2 billion and “Other Maritime” of $6.5 billion for companies that included some maritime, which are not captured as maritime related revenue by NAICS today.

[However] we are much more than research studies.  Our contribution to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) education is the OceanSTEM initiative – the branding of STEM related to oceans.  We have unique posters developed to capture the attention of young adults to see their future in the Ocean Technology Industry. A cornerstone of OceanSTEM is collaboration and we are pleased to work with over 60 organizations and companies across the county!
[TMA has]  helped organize a regional Workforce Development effort with educators and workforce development agencies, including those focused on veteran transition to the private sector, to start preparing for the next generation of engineers and techs that will be needed to support the growth of the regional Blue Economy.
Building Connections:
On the Economic Development and Business Ecosystem Development side, we will host/or support over 20 events in 2014 including our biggest event of the year – the 6th annual BlueTech and Blue Economy Summit and Tech Expo scheduled for Nov. 12-13 in San Diego.  As they have gotten to know each other, some of our BlueTech companies have found ways to collaborate and new companies have formed. One such example is Ocean Aero that is developing the Submaran – a patent-pending, hybrid unmanned surface and underwater vehicle.  Maritime Alliance is busy educating bankers, economic development & elected officials, investors, insurance agents, lawyers and other professionals so they will support regional BlueTech companies.

To learn more, please visit our websites, contact me, and participate in our 6th annual BlueTech and Blue Economy Summit on Nov. 12-13.  We have an amazing group of speakers and panelists committed and expect a great group of BlueTech exhibitors.  We will have international representation from a number of countries including Canada, Mexico, U.K. and U.S.  The Maritime Gala Dinner & Award Ceremony is a highlight on the evening of Day 1.  Rick Spinrad, the new Chief Scientist at NOAA, will be the after-dinner speaker addressing “Blue is the new Green – Promoting OceanSTEM, Maritime Workforce Development and a national Blue Voice”.

Blog Contributed by:
Michael B. Jones, President of The Maritime Alliance and The Maritime Alliance Foundation.  Mr. Jones can be reached at or (619) 450-4600.