Morimoto Waikiki

Morimoto, Waikiki
Award winning Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto has brought his unique culinary expertise to The Modern Honolulu hotel and resort. Morimoto Waikiki, the hotel’s premiere dining location, appears in Zagat’s lists rating the “Best Décor in Honolulu” and the “Best Service in Honolulu”. The rating service has commented that “Morimoto brings his signature … twist to traditional Japanese techniques” with “flawless execution” and beautiful plating accompanied by an “excellent staff” to guide you through the menu.

Morimoto Waikiki exemplifies the celebrity chef’s world renowned abilities by using local, island-grown ingredients in an atmosphere “beyond expectations”. Blending eastern and western influences, like the island it’s located on, Morimoto Waikiki hosts visitors in a setting that appeals to the everyday vacationer as well as over-worked world leaders. President Obama dined at the restaurant twice during his recent 15-day trip to Hawaii, with the New York Times naming it a favorite location of the President and his wife.
This success is just one example of how McKinney Capital Group looks to create value where it may not have existed before. Now managed by the Capital Group for the current owners, The Modern Honolulu property was purchased by McKinney in 2006 with a deep understanding of the investment potential hidden away in its walls and location. After a full renovation completed in 2010 that included Morimoto and other top-tier amenities, The Modern Honolulu has blossomed into a spectacular success.
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