Servant Leadership Is Sometimes Painful


Last week to my dismay one of our team members gave me their resignation. It is a good thing.

We have all witnessed her growth in confidence and abilities in the past year. We have relied on her willingness to accept additional roles and responsibilities. We have basked under the glow of her warmth and ever present charm. Every one of us will miss her deeply but we should also be proud that in some way we have encouraged her to become a true servant leader.

Last month, I attended the Servant Leadership conference here in San Diego. John Maxwell, an expert in leadership described Kayla perfectly in his 6 key leadership skills.

1. Values people and gives others the advantage.

2. Is the first to HELP.

3. Does for others what they cannot do for themselves.

4. Offers others her very best. She is not average.

5. Remembers names.

6. Encourages others so they feel valuable.

Kayla is always aware of other’s needs. She accepts us for who we are without judgment. She recently wrote a blog for me on servant leadership and described herself in these words, “Servant leadership is a mindset, not a method, and we learned how to better shift our thinking to become a servant leader who inspires and equips those around them to achieve their greatest potential.”

Kayla will be missed every morning as we arrive. We wish her continued success and growth as she returns to school full time. Thank you to her and to all of you who have certainly assisted us in becoming servant leaders like Kayla.