Summary on Servant Leadership Event

Corporate Alliance Servant Leadership

Thank you to all those that are commenting on the Corporate Alliance University event featuring Dr. Tony Baron, author and professor, on Servant Leadership on November 13th. There were so many golden nuggets of wisdom and hope that many of our hands fell off during the event.

For me I took away a couple key points on creating and maintaining a cultural balance:
Our jobs are to be cultural architects; we need to self-regulate and be a calm presence in our organizations to achieve this.
Culture is the most powerful influence in your organization – more than mission, values, and focus.
Reality is what we can count on, therefore how can we create a culture others can count on?

Culture is an invisible presence but the largest presence in the room. It is almost something that you can see, taste, and feel when you walk into a new place. If culture can make or break the largest companies how do we not spend more time and resources on it?
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Thank you to Corporate Alliance for hosting an event focused on improving ourselves and our organizations from the inside out.