Why Choose McKinney Advisory Group to Assist with Your Next Lease Renewal?

Why Work with McKinney Advisory Group on Your Next Lease Renewal?

Regan Trittler, CCIM SIOR, Corporate Real Estate Advisor, St. Louis Office

Now is the perfect time to increase your bottom line by analyzing and restructuring your existing leases. Interest rates are at a record low. Landlords are eager for the opportunity to refinance buildings and will include your necessary tenant improvements. Our team will review and visit each market to create leverage with your current and potential landlords.

Existing Lease Clauses to be Reviewed

  • Expense Reconciliation
  • Original Amortization Schedule of Tenant Improvements
  • Field Measure to Verify Actual Square Footage
  • Roof Maintenance
  • HVAC Maintenance & Replacement
  • Electrical Repair & Replacement
  • Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment (SNDA)
  • Self-Help
  • Termination Options
  • Renewal Options with the goal to convert to fixed rate

Client Benefits of Working With McKinney Advisory Group

  • Our advisors will review each lease at no charge
  • Regionally positioned team that will physically visit every location.
  • “Do more with less”: Real estate departments today are understaffed and unable to perform many of the services that we provide and that you, the end user, needs. These range from site inspections to lease audits on renewals.  We look forward to showing how we can provide these services inside of the existing commission structure that is already paid by Landlords.


Regan TrittlerRegan Trittler Headshot has 27+ years of experience in corporate real estate advisory, specializing in lease renewals, portfolio management, sale/leasebacks, synthetic structures, tenant representation, and site acquisition / disposition strategies. Contact Regan today to learn how he can help you maximize your real estate assets: 314.854.1325 or rtrittler@mckinneyadvisory.com